General Information

Sigurður Nordal Institute disseminated information on Icelandic studies and Icelandic culture

  • Information gathering
    The institute was in contact with over a thousand institutions and individuals in every part of the world, who submit information on teaching of the Icelandic language, literature and history, and on research in the field of Icelandic culture.
  • Enquiries
    The institute answered enquiries on teaching and teaching materials in Icelandic for foreign students, on Icelandic studies and Icelandic culture.
  • Newsletter
    Through its newsletter, the institute disseminated information on teaching and research in Old Norse and Icelandic studies, on conferences and meetings, books and periodicals. The newsletter was sent to institutions and scholars all over the world, who were on the institute's mailing list.

Sigurður Nordal Institute promoted and publicized research in Icelandic studies

  • Conferences, meetings and lectures
    The institute organized conferences, seminars and lectures on Icelandic studies, or participated in their planning, giving scholars, both from Iceland and abroad, the opportunity to make their work public and exchange ideas. The institute organized the annual Sigurður Nordal Lecture on the birthday of Dr. Sigurður Nordal.
  • Publishing
    The institute published material on Icelandic culture, including the lectures delivered at scholarly congresses organized by the institute. The institute published two series: Rit Stofnunar Sigurðar Nordals and Smárit.

Sigurður Nordal Institute promoted Icelandic culture and stimulated debate

  • Cultural promotion
    The institute contributed to the promotion of Icelandic culture abroad, generally in collaboration with guest lecturers and other university tutors of Icelandic and Icelandic studies.
  • Seminars
    The institute organized seminars and meetings on the nature and status of Icelandic culture, and its promotion abroad.

Sigurður Nordal Institute provided tuition in Icelandic for foreigners

  • Icelandic courses
    The institute organized summer courses in Icelandic language and Icelandic studies, in collaboration with the University of Iceland Faculty of Humanities.
  • Guest lecturers
    The institute plays an active role in tuition of Icelandic and Icelandic studies abroad, supervises tuition of Icelandic by guest lecturers, and provided services to guest lecturers.
  • The Advisory Committee on Teaching of Nordic Studies Abroad
    The institute collaborated with bodies abroad, mostly in the Nordic countries, on a variety of projects. The institute is affiliated to the Advisory Committee on Teaching of Nordic Studies abroad. The committee awards grants to guest lecturers for cultural promotions, and organized conferences on teaching of Nordic languages.  

Sigurður Nordal Institute builded up links between scholars, translators and writers, in Iceland and abroad.

  • Invitations and grants
    The institute invited foreign scholars to Iceland, in order to publicize their research, gain access to sources or carry out research. It also awarded grants to Icelandic scholars, in order to travel abroad, carry out research and publicize their findings.
  • Snorri Sturluson Fellowships
    The institute administers the Snorri Sturluson Fellowships, which are awarded annually to foreign writers, translators and scholars, in order to travel to Iceland to improve their knowledge of Icelandic language, culture and society.
  • Scholar's apartment
    The institute has at its disposal an apartment, at Þingholtsstræti 29, which can be made available to scholars visiting Iceland for research purposes.