The person who rents scholar apartments is intended to stay there during the period of rental. Sub-letting of the apartments is prohibited, and the renter should not lend the apartments to others if he/she is absent.

    Guests must treat the apartments well, and leave them as clean as they found them. Kitchen counters and sink must be washed, cupboards left in order, and the cooker and refrigerator cleaned. The lavatory must be thoroughly cleaned, furniture and windowsills duested, rugs and furniture vacuum-cleaned, and the floors washed. Linen must be washed regularly, at least every two weeks. Rubbish should be placed in plastic bags before throwing away, and should not be collected for long periods indoors.

    Smoking is prohibited in Þingholtsstræti 29 and Hvassalelti 30. Pets are not permitted.

    The apartments must always be locked when nobody is home.

    Guests in Þingholtsstræti 29 must be considerate of the offices of the Institute in the same house, and ensure that work is not disturbed.

    The washing facilities for the residents in Hvassaleiti 30 are in the basement. The Institute has its own washing machine which guests have access to. The washing machine has a label: Árnastofnun. Notice: guests must treat the washing facilities well. The key to the laundry is in the kitchen. There are washing facilities in the apartment in Þingholtsstræti.

    The key to the apartments can be collected on arrival or after agreement.