Courses held by other Institutions

Courses in Icelandic – held by other Institutions than Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies.

Courses at university level

University of Iceland
Courses in Icelandic for foreign exchange students are held by the University of Iceland every summer. For further information contact the office of International Education:

The Department of Icelandic as a second language
Offers a full-time three year course in Icelandic as a second language, leading to the B.Ph.Isl. degree.

The University of Iceland Language Centre
Offers distance learning of Icelandic as a foreign language with or without assistance from a tutor through the Icelandic Online web course:

University Centre of the West Fjords
Summer courses in Icelandic in the West Fjords of Iceland.

Other courses

Icelandic language courses at the Multicultural and information centre (Fjölmenningarsetur).
Offers new Icelandic language courses. The courses are open to everybody.

The Snorri Program
Is an opportunity for young people of Icelandic origin, living in Canada and the US, to discover the country and culture of their ancestors and to strengthen the ties with relatives living in Iceland.
For further information contact:

Mímir-símenntun ehf.
Holds courses in Icelandic for foreigners, beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

Námsflokkar Hafnarfjarðar – Miðstöð símenntunar
Icelandic as a second language.

Lingva – Language School