Aron‘s saga is a contemporary saga, it‘s main events also described in Sturlunga and Guðmundar saga A. The saga is found in one medieval manuscript, dated to the early 15th century, containing two lacunas when copied in the 17th century. Aron‘s saga has been printed thrice, as appendix to Sturlunga or Bishop‘s sagas. The text-lacunas were fylled from Guðmundar saga A, and it contained 16 stanzas, though only 11 are preserved. The research is threefold: 1) Manuscript studies, on later manuscripts and preserved stanzas, digitally performed. 2) Research on composition and structure, e.g. wheather different saga-components, stanzas and prosimetrum, cast light on the saga‘s composition and possible rewriting. The intertextual correlation of Aron‘s saga, Sturlunga and Guðmundarsaga A will be scrutinised, e.g. through the research-data from the international editing-project Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages, not least the interactive or mutual influences in saga-writing during the 14th century. 3) Subject matters will be analysed through close reading and comparative reading of contemporary sagas and sagas of Icelanders. Components, themes and threads, motifs and their meaning, are to be discussed, along with other issues of interpretation. Stanzas from Arons saga will be prepared for publication in Vol. 4 of the Skaldic-edition, according to the research-methods formed by it‘s editorial board.