Inventory of scholars

The Sigurður Nordal Institute's inventory of scholars contains information on over 500 scholars of Icelandic studies around the world. By searching in the inventory, you can find information on the names, addresses and special fields of scholars, and it is also possible to search for scholars in a particular field, or in specified countries. The inventory is intended to be of use to scholars, students and others with an interest in Icelandic studies.

By entering part of a name or word and clicking on "search," you can search for a scholar, scholars from particular countries, or scholars in specific fields. Note that the names of fields of scholarship are not completely standardised, so it may be advisable to use more than one search word. For instance, if a search is made for both "legendary sagas" and "romances" this will give a more accurate search than if only one of the terms is used. In a search for fields of scholarship, parts of words are included in the search, so that a search for "saga" will include, for instance, "Kings' sagas."

All information is in English, with the exception of the names of individual works and genres of literature.