Word Studies and Lexicography - Department of Lexicography

The Department of Lexicography is a research body within the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies whose function is lexicography, lexicology, language technology, and Icelandic word studies in general.

The Department maintains the archives and collections of the former Institute of Lexicography (Orðabók Háskólans), and is responsible for the collection of further sources on words and word usage in written and spoken Icelandic. The Department’s archives preserve important sources on Icelandic language usage, and they are accessible to scholars and the public, for instance through the online Written Language Archive, accessible through the Institute’s website.

Projects are being carried out in the fields of theoretical and practical lexicography. The Department is a leader in new approaches to dictionary compilation, in particular in the creation of electronic dictionaries.

Various scholarly and general projects are in progress in the field of language technology in support of linguistic research, dictionary compilation, and the development of language technology software for use both within and outside of the Institute. The former Institute of Lexicography made early advances in the use of computer technology in research and dictionary compilation, and the Department continues to develop this research and related projects.