Instructions for submitting articles to Gripla

Instructions for submission and formatting of articles

Gripla is a peer-reviewed journal published in December of each year. It has an international reach and is dedicated to publishing research on topics within Icelandic and Old Norse studies, particularly in the fields of manuscript studies, textual criticism, literature and folklore. The principal language of the journal is Icelandic but articles in any of the other Scandinavian languages, English, German or French are also accepted.

Articles must be submitted by 1st April each year for possible publication in the volume for that year.


Gripla publishes:

a)  Peer-reviewed articles (in the region of 7,000 to 12,000 words in length)

b) Editions of short texts (the length of the edited text, together with introduction and other notes, must be in accordance with the word-limit set for articles)

c)  Short notes on topics (usually no longer than 4,000 words)


Articles should be submitted in a conventional word-processing format (such as Word), with minimal stylistic text formatting. A bibliography must be included (with individual entries divided into ‘Primary Sources’ and ‘Secondary Sources’), as well as a list of manuscripts cited, keywords, and an abstract in Icelandic and in English. 

With regard to the reference system, please follow examples found below, and format according to the footnotes-bibliography system (not author-date). Further examples can be found in recent volumes of Gripla (e.g. for 2017, accessible online on the Árnastofnun website). Note that in the bibliography, Icelandic authors should be listed alphabetically according to their first names.

If authors wish to publish images under copyright, they must acquire the necessary permission themselves, and provide images at a resolution good enough to publish (300 dpi minimum). The editors reserve the right to decide whether or not to include images that accompany articles on the basis of their importance to the article’s argument. 

Review process: after the deadline for submissions has passed, the editors decide which articles will be sent out for review. Each article that is sent out is read over by two anonymous reviewers. Authors must therefore ensure that their name does not appear in the article or in references to published scholarship in such a way that it is clear who they are. Only articles that have been judged to be fit for publication by both reviewers are published.




Examples of references in the Notes-Bibliography System


1. Book by one author


Jón Jónsson, Bók (Reykjavík: Publisher, 2000), 231.

Sarah Jane Smith, Book (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000), 231.


Jón Jónsson. Bók. Reykjavík: Publisher, 2000.

Smith, Sarah Jane. Book. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000.


If the next reference is to the same source: Ibid., 234.


If there is another reference to the same source later in the article, author’s name (surname only in the case of non-Icelanders), shortened title and page number(s) suffice:

Jón Jónsson, Bók, 235.

Smith, Book, 235.


2. Book in a series


Sarah Jane Smith, Book, Series title + volume number (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000).


Smith, Sarah Jane. Book. Series title + volume number. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000.


3. Edited book


Sarah Jane Smith and Douglas McDonald (eds), Book (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000), 231.


Smith, Sarah Jane, and Douglas McDonald (eds). Book. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000.


4. Article in a book


Jóna Jónsdóttir, “Article,” Book, ed. by Sveinn Sveinsson and Jón Jónsson (Reykjavík: Forlag, 2000) 21-22.

Douglas McDonald, “Article,” Book, ed. by Sarah Jane Smith and Julie Christie (Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000) 21-22.


Jóna Jónsdóttir. “Grein.” Book, ed. by Sveinn Sveinsson and Jón Jónsson. Reykjavík: Forlag, 2000, 19-37.

McDonald, Douglas. “Article.” Book, ed. by Sarah Jane Smith and Julie Christie. Edinburgh: Publisher, 2000, 19-37.


5. Article in a journal


Kristján Hraunfjörð, “Grein,” Tímaritið 87 (2001): 45.

Julie Christie, “Article,” The Journal 87 (2001): 45.


Kristján Hraunfjörð. “Grein.” Tímaritið 87 (2001): 24-48.

Christie, Julie. “Article.” The Journal 87 (2001): 24-48.


6. Unpublished dissertations and theses


Kristján Hraunfjörð, “Title of Dissertation,” (MA thesis, University, 2001): 45.

Julie Christie, “Title of Dissertation,” (PhD diss., University, 2001): 45.


Kristján Hraunfjörð. “Title of Dissertation.” MA thesis, University, 2001.

Christie, Julie. “Title of Dissertation.” PhD diss., University, 2001.


7. Text edition


Grettis saga, ed. by Guðni Jónsson, Íslenzk fornrit VII (Reykjavík: Hið íslenzka fornritafélag, 1936).


Grettis saga. Ed. by Guðni Jónsson. Íslenzk fornrit VII. Reykjavík: Hið íslenzka fornritafélag, 1936.