Computers and Mobiles

Icelanders as a people are rather keen on new things. They are interested in new streams and foreign developments and quick to learn about anything new. This manifests, for example, in the fact that computer ownership is very common in the country and that the internet is widely used. In a recent survey, it was revealed that computers were to be found in roughly 96% of the nation’s homes and nearly everyone have access to the Internet.
    In daily speech, mobile phones are called "farsímar" or “gemsar”, the Icelandic word for a GSM. The word is an old one in Icelandic and means a “gemlingur”, that is, a one-year old sheep. However, first and foremost it is the word’s phonetic similarity to the abbreviation GSM which has lead to a situation where “gemsi” is the word which is sometimes used for this kind of phone.
    Per head of population, Icelanders probably own the most mobile phones in the world. Smartphones and tablet computers are also widely owned as well as Kindle and some Icelandic books are now available online.