Life After Work

Icelanders have a long work day. After such a day, it is good to relax in the embrace of one’s family, meet friends and acquaintances or find oneself something interesting to do for fun.
    Some gym work, in one of the many gyms in the country, is a perennial favourite, and amongst all age groups it is very popular to go swimming. Mountain climbing and hikes in the country are very popular as are short trips in God’s green country with the effortless health care they afford. In winter, it is always fun to slip on the skis or ice-skates. Recently, it has become steadily more popular to go on winter trips into the highlands and snow-mobile driving is popular.
    Cultural life is most colourful. All kinds of courses are offered to help invigorate life. Theatres and cinemas are well attended. An unbelievable number of choirs have been established in the country and there is barely a small town which does not have its own amateur theatre group.
    During weekends, young people especially gather at one of the very many clubs to have a good time. Most of the clubs in Reykjavík are downtown, and there are often many there over the weekend.