Iceland in NATO / The American Military

When preparations were made to establish the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Iceland was offered membership, debate ensued about the line Iceland ought to take in foreign affairs. Iceland was the only nation without its own military or defence. Nevertheless, an overwhelming majority of the Parliament was in support of membership, and the move was carried.
    When world affairs again became unsettled due to the Korean War (1951), a defence agreement was made with America on behalf of NATO which allowed a few American troops to be stationed in Iceland. This decision formed the basis of a direction in military affairs.

Many people were dissatisfied with the decision made by the government and protested “Iceland out of NATO, get the army out!” Various rallies were held outside the base. 

The American military base was located in Reykjanesbær, a short distance from Keflavík. The base was closed in September 2006.